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InkGlass Is a super-durable glass printing process, utilizing vibrant ceramic inks that are fired directly onto the surface of the glass.

Printing at a resolution of up to 720dpi, InkGlass can be used to reproduce full colour photos, vector graphics and even textures on glass with pinpoint accuracy.

With the ability for designs to be scaled for small scale speciality projects or large scale multi-pane developments, the scratch and fade resistant properties of the ceramic inks are perfect for external applications.

Detailed performance data is also available to assist architects and designers in design development of printed façades, turning what was once a purely aesthetic decorative surface into an integral performance component.

Direct-to glass printing for ultimate flexibility

InkGlass can be installed as a single monolithic piece or combined into a laminate makeup. The durability of the ceramic inks allows the printed surface to be installed exposed to reduce reflectivity, presenting further creative possibilities for artists, architects and designers.


Max size 96” X 140”
Min size 12” X 12”
Max size 2440mm X 3600mm
Min size 300mm X 300 mm


UV, water, solvent, chemical and scratch resistant ceramic inks
Detailed performance data available for printed
U value surfaces including SHGC, LT and Solar Trans/Refl
Control of ink coverage allows fine tuning of light transmission for individual areas in the same panel.