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Monolithic glass is part of our raw material an its received in our plant where is cut, processed and tempered to enhance its physical and mechanical properties, this kind of untreated glass is known as float glass or annealed, and it’s available in different substrate colors. Megaglass offers a wide variety of glass substrates better known as tinted glass and low E’s of the best and most recognized brands in the market such as Guardian, Vitro (PPG) and Saint Gobain these reliable partners help us ensure the quality of our final products.


Colorants are added to clear float glass to produce tinted float glass with visible light transmittance of between 18% to 85%, depending on color and thickness. When incorporated as the outboard lite of an insulating glass (IG) unit, tinted glass will increase the thermal and solar performance to that level achieved with monolithic glass.

Each substrate is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and can be processed to measure in the different products we offer.