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Tempered glass is 4 times more resistant than normal glass and 2 times more resistant than heat-hardened glass, in case of breakage it will be made in small and harmless pieces thanks to its physical properties it is used in multiple applications such as Shower door, Railings, Office partitions, windows, store fronts, monumental facades and many more!


Max size 96” X 140”
Min size 12” X 12”
Max size 2440mm X 3600mm
Min size 300mm X 300 mm
GASP 10,000 psi
Standard ANSI Z 97.1- 1984
Thickness from (5/32” up to 3/4”)
Thickness from (4mm hasta 19mm)

Fully Tempered glass is available in basic types of glass and Low E configurations

Also Fully Tempered glass can be use in combinations such as Laminated glass and Insulated Glass configurations


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